How To Buy Paper Cutter?

With paper cutter you can cut the different sizes and stacks of paper at a time effortlessly. Also you will get the trimmers in the market but there is the basic difference between trimmer and paper cutter. The later can cut the stock of paper having greater number of sheets whereas the trimmer can cut the small number of different types of boards including poster boards, films, negatives, textiles and tissues etc. If you need a cutter for office use then go with the guillotine cutter that cost close to $80 or even below this. Rotary trimmer gives quiet accurate cutting so think of purchasing it for accuracy. Also the size of the rotary trimmer is large so big posters can be cut with these. To cut the stack of paper buy the ream cutter. Their cost if close to $500 or less.

Types of Paper Cutter
We can define the type of the paper cutter based on how they work. These can be

  • Electrical
  • Hydraulic
  • Manual
  • Programmed Cutter

Electrical paper cutter operates with electricity and perform its every function with electricity whereas in hydraulic paper cutter the pressurized fluid is used for the operation. Manual cutter is the most predominant paper cutter and in this the most famous one is guillotine paper cutter that cuts the paper very precisely.

Sequential cutting needs the programmed paper cutter. You need not to change the setting every time you start cutting operations.

How to Buy a Paper Cutter?

  • Before buying it find out why do you need it, number of sheeting to be cut, etc. So there are many factors that need to be explored before purchasing the paper cutter. These are:
  • Number of sheets you need to cut at a time. If you need to cut more than 50 number of sheets at a time then go with the paper cutter rather than trimmer.
  • Material to be cut. Cutter can cut only paper whereas  trimmer can cut board, form, textiles, tissue and many more.
  • Buy the programmed cutter if you are doing the repetitive paper cutting.

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