Snail Farming In Nigeria – Solution To Job Loss

Snail is an invertebrate,an hamaphrodite and shell bearing animal.It is inactive during the day but very active in the night.Snail meat is consumed in many countries of the world.It is a delicacy for the rich in some places because of its peculiar flavour and texture.

The meat contains 0.05 – 0.08% fat, 12 – 16% protein and 45 – 50 mg/kg iron. The protein contains almost all amino acids needed by man. It is a popular meat in the rural area of rain forest where the animal is collected from the wild but some of the people who collect them do not eat its meat, rather they hawk snails on the road sides as a souce of income.

Snails are scarce in dry sason due to the process called aestivation i.e covering the aperture of thier shell with whitish,fragile calcareous layer called epiphragm.They are expensive during this period.

The domestiscation of snails is imperative to make them readily available all year round.The acceptability of its meat nationwide,the potential for export and technologies developed on snail production and fear of its extinction have contributed towards the present emphasis interest in snail farming.

Snail farming does not consitute nuisance to the environment;the droppings are generally firm and odourless.Snails are noiseless easy to handle.Snails meat is recommended for patients with hypertension and heart attack due to its low level of cholesterol and fat.The shell is a sources of calcium and phosphorus replacing bone meal and oyster shell in mixing rations for animals.

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