Crawford Truck Sales At The 2010 Florida Tow Show

Crawford Truck Sales of Lancaster, MA is attending the 2010 Florida Tow Show at the Jerr-Dan booth!  John Lamarche, President of Crawford Truck Sales, will be at the Jerr- Dan booth educating tow truck operators on all of the new features that Jerr-Dan offers as well as what’s in the works for the future of Jerr-Dan.  One of the talking points this year will be the “World’s Greenest Carrier” that Jerr-dan is the manufacturer of.  The 5 ton dual angle steel carrier offers exclusive low maintenance no lube high performance joint and slide pad system.  The 5 ton dual angle steel carrier offers; an industry leading hydraulic filtration system, high intensity LED light bar and the highest strength to the lowest weight ratio.  This all means that when purchasing a Jerr-dan; you will be saving on fuel!! In addition you will have a smaller carbon footprint and an optimized design utilizing high strength materials. 

Crawford Truck Sales is the premier tow truck dealer on the east cost, as well as #1 used tow truck dealer on the east coast.  This allows for Crawford to locate, customize and offer our customers exactly what they want, when they want it.  If your business is a start up and needs one new tow truck or used tow truck then Crawford can point you in the right direction.  On the other hand if you need a fleet of tow trucks, we are able to customize each wrecker, flat bed or heavy duty to fit your requirements.  We have many clients which we have worked with for dozens of years and have grown their fleet annually by one or two trucks.  When this happens we are able to make sure all new additions to the fleet look similar so that your company builds a brand image that is constant. This means when people see your colors on a tow truck, no matter the wrecker, tow truck, flat bed or heavy duty; they know that it is your company.  Brand recognition is one the most important things to do in this industry.  Few people remember fleets that do not match. 

When you are down at the 2010 Florida Tow Show; have a look at the trucks on display and notice the paint jobs.  Typically the booths will have pictures of the whole fleet. Chances are the whole fleet will be uniform in color and if you ask, probably one of the more successful clients that the tow truck dealer has.  When in doubt, learn from your competitor’s success and then try to do better!!

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